Thursday, July 21, 2011

We Now Carry Local Artist Joanna Kimmel's Jewelry

Joanna Kimmel is an Asheville transplant to Greenville. She's been making jewelry for friends and family for years by refurbishing the massive amount of vintage and costume pieces she inherited from her 3 grandmothers and by utilizing her love for thrift store jewelry shopping. While styles change, Jo believes it's always possible to ...make something fun, funky and wearable. it's her way recycling culture and the abundance of feminine beauty in our world. Her promise is that she would never give away or sell anything she wouldn't wear herself. She can be contacted at for any special orders, and she wants the ladies to know that when in doubt, "Put a bird on it".

Holy POW batman! New shipments!

Summer is too hot...The Sun wants to burn us to the ground
and destroy our eyes... Luckily we got ya back (or eyes).
We just received our new shipment of sunglasses and we are
proud to say that they rock out loud.
Now, I could describe how sick they are,
but instead ill let them speak for them selves....

We would also like introduce our New High End collection.
They will cost between 40 and 65 but they are well worht it.

And if that wasn't enough, check out a few of our new tees.
Including an amazing Kansas Tee.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

New new stuff!

Hey guys!
We've got some new items and new sale to bring the summer to a close!
Our current sale is:
All Women's Tops are 20% off!
And all Men's Polo's are 20% off too!

As for our new items, we've recently gotten in a lot of new accessories.
We JUST got in these sweet new vintage belts that an Atlanta artist has made into cuffs.

He's customized them to the max, including weathering them and adding different elements.
Here's a picture of a couple:

As you can see, they are most excellent and definitely a unique piece for anyone.

Here's some more new items we've gotten in:

Leaf imprinted bracelets, wrap around frog and dolphin rings, new necklaces featuring wood and stone details and also fancy elephant!

We also have some new additions to our sunglasses. There's so many that it would be ridiculous to photograph ALL of them, but I did take some shots of my favorites.

Oh, and there's these new change purses that are totally cool.

Well, that's it for now. We've of course got new clothes and other items so you should come by soon. (Especially before the back to school rush!) Hope to see you guys soon!